30th Birthday Party Ideas | Themes for Men & Women

Congratulations – you’re turning 30 years old! Thirty is a particularly special birthday as it grants you full entrance in the realm of official adulthood. The best way to celebrate your 30 birthday is to be surrounded with people and food. If you’re hoping to plan a 30th birthday party, below are four fun ideas to ensure that you bring in this new chapter of your life in style. Remember milestone birthdays are far apart so make this one awesome. Leave the baby at home and have a great time with the one you love. Of course depending on whether the birthday party is for a guy or girl. For a festive party you should purchase a personalized ballon.


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Party like the 1980s


If the Birthday person was born in the 1980s, throw a 80s’ party for their 30th birthday. Send out invitations with a strictly 80s’ dress code – neon clothing, chunky chains and big hair required! Create a playlist of the top 80s’ songs and serve candy that was popular throughout the decade such as Ring Pops, Nerds, Cigarettes and PEZ dispensers. Of course, no birthday party is complete without a birthday cake. Commission a birthday cake in the shape of a cassette tape or boom box. If you have a sizable budget for the party consider hiring a makeup artist to give a proper 80s’ makeover to the ladies or a break dancer to provide a nostalgic ‘wow’ factor. You will also need other colorful supplies such as cute intimate playing cards for games., as well as party favors like balloons.

Weekend in Vegas Sin City

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Everyone deserves to have at least one birthday in Las Vegas. Why not treat yourself to a 30th birthday celebration in Sin City? Invite several close individuals that are willing to split some of the major costs and have a superstar Vegas weekend. Book a luxurious hotel room split the cost with at least one other friend. Then, head out on the town for a Casino night. End your sinful 30th birthday weekend in one of Vegas’ top night clubs such as TAO or LAVO that routinely feature celebrity appearances from Hollywood faces such as the Kardashians or Fergie. Go ahead, splurge on VIP access and purchase the finest bottle of wine you can afford – you only turn 30-years-old once. If you decide not to go to las vegas you might want to consider a trip to Atlantic City in New Jersey. To get there you will want to take a Limo NJ so you and your party can relax and have a few drinks without having to worry about driving back at the end of the night.  The limousine company can provide everything you need for a fun and exciting birthday celebration. Just call to get all the information and a free quote.  Atlantic City, although not as spectacular as Las Vegas still brings a lot of fun and entertaining things to the table for people to do.

Beer Tasting Party


Host a sporty beer tasting party. Purchases cases of different types of beer and set them up on a large table so friends can easily choose their beer. A beer-shaped birthday cake and beer-friendly foods are a must-have when having a beer-tasting 30th birthday party. Beer-related games can be played throughout the night such as beer pong, the century club or simply have everyone take a swig of beer when someone says “happy birthday!” Ask all guests to wear attire from their favorite sports team, the team with the most jerseys can win a popularity contest at the end of the party and all guest wearing the team’s jersey can receive a prize


Limo & Party Bus Adventure

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Go out in style for a great 30th birthday party theme! Take the birthday Man or Woman’s closed 6-10 friends for a night out on the town in style! Let the party begin at someones house to have a drink before you start the night! Then have the Limo pick everyone up and drive them out for a nice birthday dinner. After that the skies the limit, enjoy a nice night in the city or cruise down to t he local hang out. But if you do not want a limo you should really think about a NJ Party Bus it provides a lot of space for dancing, having a party or just watching your favorite sporting event. Need a bathroom? No problem every party bus has a bathroom and wet bar onboard already.  There are many advantages of renting a party bus over a limousine in the new jersey or NYC area. Are you looking to not only ride in style but would like to start the party as soon as you take off for your destination? Well in a limo there is no room to move around and must make stops for bathroom breaks. Not with a Party Bus Rental NJ, you can take the party on the road with no worries.

If you have a much smaller party you might want to think about renting a limousine instead of the party bus.  A limousine can accommodate passengers from6 to 14 depending on what type of vehicle you decide to rent.  A limo can be more elegant than a party bus also. So if you are looking for a little more style than a NJ Limo is exactly what you should be researching. Most limousines come with a top of the line stereo system, a dry bar, luxury seating, sunroof, privacy divider between occupants and driver, and a professional driver.  Even though the limo is what everyone sees the driver is what is going to make or break the night.  Make sure your limousine driver is professionally trained and comes looking like a driver with a suit and tie.  Having knowledge of the area is another perk each driver should have. This way if you need other things to do the driver of the limo can make suggestions as to what sites to see while out on the town. Birthday parties are great occasions for renting a limo because of the amount of fun everyone has.


Surprise Party

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A surprise party is the very common but difficult to manage of all the 30th birthday party ideas IF YOU CAN PULL IT OFF. You have to get the celebrant’s friends, relatives and loved one’s cooperation for the party. The actual guest list should be complete, and the entire party is planned secretly. From planning until the exact moment of the party, the celebrant should not be aware that the people around him/her will be hosting a grand event for the birthday celebration. Having a fantastic, emotional but fun surprise party will be forever cherished and treasured on the celebrant’s heart. Next on your list are the decorations and invitations and they must match the birthday the individual is having.


Celebrate the birthday in Mad Men Style

The television series Mad Men packs a serious punch of style and elegance into every episode. What better way to bring in a new decade in style than a Mad Men themed shindig? Require all guests to adhere to a formal dress code; men wear suits and women wear 50s’ dresses. Set up a picture booth in a corner of a room setting up a camera on a tripod and suspending a large photo frame from the ceiling. Set a table with vintage props next to photo booth to further add to the Mad Men theme. Classic cocktails and big band music can add the perfect finishing touches to a classic 50s’ themed parties. When getting ready to invite people send out invitations and remind them that it is the 30th birthday milestone.